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Safari: Review and Introduction

Learn about all the resources available from Safari through the State Library.

About Safari

Safari Books Online is a digital library from O'Reilly Media, Inc.

Topics range from leadership, business, management, and project management to programming languages, software development, and computer networking, plus many more! These topics are covered in a variety of formats, which include ebooks, live training, on-demand tutorials, videos, case studies, and audiobooks.

As of July 2018, "the platform includes more than 35K book titles plus 30K+ hours of video, proven learning paths, case studies, interactive tutorials, audio books, and videos from O’Reilly’s global conferences."


This guide will cover the following features:

  • Account Registration
  • Settings & Features
  • Playlists & Queues
  • Ebooks, Training, Case Studies, & More

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