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Office of Equity & Inclusion (OHA)

State Library resources and services recommended for OHA's Office of Equity & Inclusion

Sample Topic Search


Using a health equity/racial equity lens when doing policy, systems work

Search Strategies

Consider search terms

  • health equity/racial equity lens
    • "health equity"
    • "racial equity"
    • "health equity" OR "health equity lens"
    • "racial equity" OR "racial equity lens"
    • "health disparities"
    • health AND (racial OR ethnic OR socioeconomic OR gender OR "sexual orientation") AND (disparity OR disparities)
  • policy or systems work
    • policy OR policies
    • policy OR policies OR procedures OR guidelines
  • combined
    • "health equity" AND policy
    • ("health equity" OR "racial equity") AND policy
    • health AND (racial OR ethnic OR socioeconomic OR gender OR "sexual orientation") AND (disparity OR disparities) AND (policy OR policies)

Consider types of sources and where to find them

  • articles = databases
  • books = library catalog
  • ebooks = library catalog and/or databases
  • reports, white papers, best practices, etc. = sometimes databases, very often online from governmental or organizational sites
  • data and statistics = databases and governmental or organizational sites

Recommended Resources

These are recommended databases to locate articles.

This is a recommended database to locate ebooks.

Governmental sources often provide reports, policies, guidelines, statistics, laws, and other information.

If you're not sure which government agency to start with, try the following recommended options for a broad search across all types of governmental entities. (These will usually be U.S.-based.)

Consider what types of sources nongovernmental and/or nonprofit organizations may provide.

For example:

A division of the State Library of Oregon | 250 Winter Street NE Salem, Oregon 97301 | Monday-Friday 8am-5pm | 503-378-8800 |