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Statewide Database Licensing Program

Answers to your questions about the State Library of Oregon's Statewide Database Licensing Program (SDLP)

What's New?

Gale Books and Authors

Books & Authors Enhancements!

  • Complete design upgrade—provides a streamlined user interface aligned with other Gale product enhancements.  
  • Upgraded search experience—empowers improved search through Search Assist technology and search limiters.
  • Integrated G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 tools—enable users to easily share, save, and download content including highlights and notes, bringing this product in line with Gale’s other Literature products.
  • Increased Accessibility— removes elements that created barriers to accessibility and better enables site impaired users by adding alt-text to all of the books covers and a revised color palette.
  • Secure product access—HTTPS protocol is used to ensure that data between a patron’s browser and Gale products is encrypted and the right to privacy for library users is protected.
  • Minor Name Change—Books & Authors will now be referred to as Gale Books and Authors.

To improve Gale Books and Authors functionality, select features will be replaced:

  • Named user accounts—will no longer be supported, in addition to social media elements like customizable home page, book club tools, book ratings, user book reviews, and My Reading Room within product.
  • Users with saved lists from My Reading Room should access and save to another location, by August 22. If you need assistance, please contact We will manually assist libraries until November 1.
  • In the future, users can save title information via integrated G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 tools
  • Who/What/Where/When Venn Diagram—users can still search by these criteria, but eliminating diagram increases accessibility to these search facets.
  • Author and title browse—the inclusion of Search Assist and better Search Limiters at every stage eliminates the need for author/title browse, providing a more streamlined, straight-forward experience.