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State Agency Subscriptions Review

Information pertaining to ORS 357.115, related to state agencies providing information about subscriptions to the State Library for review and approval.

ORS 357.115
Subscriptions for reference-related databases; rules.

(1) The State Library, in coordination with the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, shall approve the selection, negotiation, purchase and maintenance of subscriptions statewide, for reference-related databases, and physical and digital subscriptions for all state agencies.

(2) Each state agency shall obtain the written approval of the State Librarian prior to purchasing reference-related databases or physical and digital subscription licenses.

(3) The State Library Board shall adopt rules pertaining to the review and approval process described in this section. [2015 c.328 §16]

OAR 543-020-0080
Database and Subscriptions Licenses

(1) The approval process for database and subscriptions licenses applies to all state agencies except the State of Oregon Law Library, a county law library and the State Archives.

(2) Intent and Purpose

(a) The intent of establishing a review and approval process for reference databases and subscriptions is to build awareness of state agency subscriptions statewide, reduce duplication and create cost efficiencies through cooperative purchasing of library resources, and reduce subscription costs for state agencies.

(b) The purpose of these rules is to outline procedures for the state agency to obtain approval from the State Library for the purchase of reference databases and subscription licenses, and to establish the review, approval, and appeal process.

(3) Process

(a) The head of each agency, or a designee, shall be the subscriptions liaison for the agency. Each agency shall notify the State Librarian of the name of the agency’s subscriptions liaison. The subscriptions liaison is responsible for carrying out the agency’s obligations under this section. The subscriptions liaison serves in a consultative and advisory role in cooperation with the State Library.

(b) Prior to purchasing reference-related databases or physical and digital subscriptions, the subscriptions liaison shall submit title, publisher, vendor and other pertinent subscription information to the State Library requesting approval. The information must be submitted at least sixty (60) days prior to the agency’s desired subscription start date. If the materials could meet the definitions in 543-020-0055(7)(d) and (e) the request will be reviewed by the Reference Coordinating Council to determine the disposition of the request.

(c) Prior to renewing reference-related databases or physical and digital subscriptions, the subscriptions liaison shall notify the State Library of its desire to renew an existing subscription at least sixty (60) days prior to the vendor’s purchase deadline.

(d) In the event there is a situation requiring expedited approval, the subscriptions liaison shall notify the State Library of its urgency and provide subscription information as early as possible. Rush requests shall receive highest priority in the approval process.

(e) In evaluating each request for approval, the State Library may apply the following criteria:

(A) The State Library has a subscription to the database and provides unrestricted access to all state agency staff.

(B) The State Library has coordinated a cooperative purchase for the database or print/digital subscription for a group of state agencies.

(C) There is broad interest across state government in the database or physical/digital subscription and it meets the State Library collection development policy.

(D) There is interest in the database or physical/digital subscription among a select group of state agencies

(E) No other state agency subscribes to the database or physical/digital subscription; however there is potential high demand for the subscription.

(F) No other state agency subscribes to the database or physical/digital subscription, it is a specialized resource and it would have minimal use by other state agencies.

(f) The State Library will send written notification of its decision to approve or deny the request to purchase the subscription within thirty (30) days of receipt of request.

(g) An agency may file an appeal of the decision directly to the State Librarian if it is not satisfied with the decision. The subscriptions liaison must file any appeal within ten (10) business days from the date of the notice.

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 357.115(3)
Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 357.115(1)(2)
OSL 2-2016, f. & cert. ef. 6-13-16
OSL 1-2016(Temp), f. & cert. ef. 1-11-16 thru 7-6-16

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