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2021 Oregon Public Library Statistical Report Guide

Instructions for completing the annual Oregon Public Library Statistical Report.

Part 10 - Administrative Information - FAQs

Our area has a substantial prison population (local/state/federal). Is the prison population included in my population served?

Yes. The calculation of our state's population served starts with data supplied by the Center for Population Research at Portland State University. They make yearly estimates of populations for incorporated cities and counties. There are two sources of information for their Oregon population projections. One source is the U.S. Census Bureau, which produces population projections for each state population, by age and sex. The second source is the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis, which produces county projections for the total population. The Census Bureau includes prisoners in their count; PSU does not make changes on that issue.

In a study of counting prisoners (PDF) at their permanent home of record, the Census Bureau concluded that for reasons of cost, privacy, and other concerns prisoners have to be counted where they are incarcerated.

The State Library of Oregon recognizes my library (or district) as public library, so why doesn't the IMLS?

The State of Oregon's definition of a public library differs slightly from the federal (FSCS) definition that is used by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Typically, a legally established public library in Oregon will not meet the federal definition because they do not have enough paid staff, or in the case of some districts, they do not provide direct public services. An Oregon library might also not meet the federal definition if it does not receive a portion of their funding through public sources (i.e. taxes).

Part 10 - Library website & policies - FAQs

Why are we being asked to provide links to our library's website, library policies, and Statewide Databases?

We are now asking all legally established public libraries in the state of Oregon have:

These are part of the minimum conditions all legally established public libraries shall maintain to align with HB 2243. Help, guidance, and resources are available via the links above.

We'll also update our Oregon Library Directory annually with your website's URL!

We have a Facebook Page for our library. Does that count as a website?

No. Relying on Facebook (or other social media sites) to post and share basic information about your library is not inclusive of those who do not use those sites/services.