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Advisory Council for Government Information & Library Services

Advisory Council members are state employees, representing a variety of state agencies. The Council provides input for improving the information and research support services provided by library staff to state employees.

Advisory Council Members

The Council consists of up to nine members. All members of the Council are employees of a state agency that is assessed for library services. Members are appointed by the Oregon State Library Board of Trustees.There are no formal criteria for Council membership, but a reasonable effort will be made to balance representation based on:

  • Agency size and assessment
  • Agency function
  • Council member job duties
  • Agency use of Library services

Government Information & Library Services Advisory Council Meeting Agenda

Monday, February 24, 2020, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

State Library, Meeting Room B9 (or by phone & computer)

250 Winter Street NE, Salem, OR


10:00 – Introductions & Approval of minutes from 06/25/2019 Meeting (10 mins/All)

  • Minutes Available for review HERE

10:10 – Review/Purpose of GS Advisory Council (15 mins/Agata & Curry)

  • Current Advisory Council By-Laws HERE

10:25 – State Library News & Updates (15 mins/Agata)

  • Recruitments
  • Patron Database Project
  • Strategic Plan (see attachment to eMail for Executive Summary of Survey sent to Agency Directors & Managers)

10:40 – Outreach/Embedded/Programming Efforts (15 mins/Curry)

  • Joint presentation with SORA @ Portland State Office Building
  • Visits at: DHS (6), HECC (2), DEQ, DPSST, OHA, Bd. Nursing, Bd. Pharmacy , Health Related Licensing Boards, PERS, Advocacy Commissions, DCBS, Employment, Revenue, DAS
  • Govt. Services Newsletter
  • Curriculum Review: Class Schedule Available HERE

10:55 – Round Robin (20 mins/All)

  • What is going on in your agency?
  • Short Session
  • Legislative Concepts for 2021 Session
  • Other News

11:15 – New Business & Action item Review (5 mins/Curry & Waddell)

  • Advisory Council Chair



Current Members:

  • Emily Spicer, Department of Human Services

  • Tim Miller, Department of Administrative Services

  • Laura Wilt, ODOT

  • Erin Gilligan, Department of Human Services
  • Judy Kuper, Department of Human Services
  • Elizabeth Pysar, Department of Environmental Quality
  • Rebecca Smith, Department of Energy
  • Paula Newsome,, Office of the State CIO

  Library staff supporting the Council:

  •  Caren Agata, Program Manager
  • Jerry Curry, Outreach and Training Coordinator
  • Max Waddell, Outreach Assistant

Meetings and Minutes

The Advisory Council meets four times each fiscal year. The Council Chair has the authority to convene additional meetings as needed.

Last Meeting:


 December 6, 2018, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Attendance: Rebecca Smith, Julia Brown, Lorrie Link, Laura Wilt, Caren Agata, Jerry Curry, Robert Pietz, Amy Coughenour, Jacqui Krawetz, Claire Bolyard Telephone: Shawna Eddy, Cristy Ouellette, Elizabeth Pysar Action Items:

• Let Jerry know if you have problems with the new website • Jerry will send out the links to the agencies top stories survey and user tasks survey.

• Jerry will send out and all call for the advisory council chair. • Advisory Council members should send requests on agency items that should be digitized.

• Next two meetings will be March 12, 2019 and June 25, 2019 at the State Library. Minutes from the August meeting are approved. Announcements from the State Librarian (Caren Agata)

• The agency new website went live in September.

• The agency has a new communications coordinator, Jacqui Krawetz. This is a limited duration position that is funded till the end of June.

• The State Librarian recruitment is proceeding. The announcement closes on December 16 and the recruitment firm will send vetted candidates to the Governor’s office on December 20.

• Mailing lists were transitioned to DAS in September.

• Governor’s proposed budget is a little less than the agency had in the previous biennium with the biggest challenge trying to figure out how to fund the government services electronic resources.

• Chris Patchell, who has been serving as the interim Government Services Program Manager is leaving on December 6.

• State Library building renovations could start back up at the end of December. Safari September wrap-up (Amy Coughenour) • View the analyses of Safari September click here.

Top user tasks Government Services web site: (Claire Bolyard)

• This is a survey for users where the patrons will inform the agency of what they perceive are the top five tasks. The advisory council was given the survey to complete at this meeting. Story gathering via the quarterly newsletter. (Jerry Curry)

• This is part of the divisions quarterly where patrons share stories how the library helps in their daily work. 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) presentation. (Jerry Curry) • To view the results for the CSS please click here. Embedded efforts. (Jerry Curry)

• There are more trainings at agencies

• The agency is planning on road shows starting the spring focusing on Central and Eastern Oregon. Discussion of Advisory Council chair (Caren Agata)

• This item will be discussed at the next meeting and Jerry Curry will send out

Round Robin • Laura Wilt: ODOT, there are lots of research project proposals that were just due, meaning that the ODOT library has been busy helping with literature reviews. • Rebecca Smith: Department of Energy has just finished their bi-annual energy bill, with is available on the agency website (hyperlink). The Governor is wanting the agency to be part of the Oregon Climate Authority. • Julia Brown: DHS is in the process of scanning children who are at risk for needing state services. The departments is also working on natural disaster readiness using GPS technology. • Liz Pysar: DEQ information services is in the process of training for software development for the agencies environmental agency system, which includes loading data from legacy systems. • Christy Ouellette: OHA-OIS is currently transitioning their H-drives to one drive.





Archive of Past Meeting Minutes


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