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Finding Information about Businesses

Tools for finding information on private companies:Downtown Scappoose Businesses



  • Secretary of State Corporations Division - Business Names Search 
  • (can also search by name of owner or corporate officer)
  • ReferenceUSA (U.S. Businesses)  State Library database
  • Useful for addresses, contacts, web address, corporate linkages (parent/child company relationships), local branches, nearby competitors.
  • Use advanced search to search by business type and business characteristics (# of employees, estimated revenue, personal names)
  • Use U.S.  Historical Businesses for businesses that have closed
  • Note: revenue amounts, number of employees provided are only estimates

News sources (to find stories about businesses):

Oregon Regulatory Database Examples (find information businesses are required to provide by law) :



Image: Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives

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