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Internet Supersearcher Class for State Employees

Use Internet Archive Wayback Engine to find content from old web pages

Using the Wayback Engine requires a web address (url) - search terms do not work.

Use the “search” box on the main page of the Internet Archive ( – see box below near the top of the page) .  Enter the url (web page address) of the web page you are looking for into the search box.

Searching the old url for OAR (Oregon Administrative Rule) page above yields the following result:*/

There is a navigation bar at the top of the page that shows you what years have been archived which looks like this:


Below will be the content of page as it has been stored in the Internet Archive. Most, if not all, of the links will work.

You can find even earlier versions of the OAR by a search on the main page for the Oregon State Archives ( in Wayback Engine. Navigating from the old main page of the State Archives, I was able to find OARs going back to 1998. Here is the page from the Wayback Engine:

A division of the State Library of Oregon | 250 Winter Street NE Salem, Oregon 97301 | Monday-Friday 8am-5pm | 503-378-8800 |