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Public Library Statistical Report

Help for completing the annual Oregon Public Library Statistical Report.

Part 2 - Staff & Volunteers

PART 2 - LIBRARY STAFF and Volunteers (as of JUNE 30, 2020)

Report level of staffing in amount of full-time employment (FTE), based on a 40 hours work week. Report figures as of June 30. Include all positions funded in the library's budget whether those positions are filled or not.  

Examples: 60 hours per week of part-time work by multiple employees divided by the 40-hour measure equals 1.50 FTE (60/40=1.50 FTE). If a schedule varies wildly by season, use total annual hours worked divided by 2080 to calculate FTE. Use n.c. for not collected, 0 for zero, or N/A for not applicable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Report only staff paid from the library budget in Part 2. Do not report volunteers, other non-paid staff, or temporary personnel. Do report plant operations, security, or maintenance staff if paid from the library budget (see Question 2.4).

2.01 Number of librarians with ALA/MLS. Librarians with master's degrees from programs of library and information studies accredited by the American Library Association (ALA). Report only those positions that require a master’s degree from an ALA accredited library and information studies program. Do not include staff who have an ALA-accredited master’s degree in positions where that degree is not required.

2.02 Number of other persons holding the title of librarian. Report persons (non-MLS) with the title of librarian who do paid work that usually requires professional training and skill in the theoretical or scientific aspects of library work, or both, as distinct from its mechanical or clerical aspect.

2.03 Total librarians (auto-summed from 2.01 and 2.02).

2.04 Number of all other paid staff. Report all other FTE employees (includes both full and part time employees) paid from the reporting unit budget, including plant operations, security, and maintenance staff.   

2.05 Total paid staff in FTE. An auto-summed field of all FTE at your library (from 2.03 and 2.04).

2.06 Total number of volunteers (individuals). Report the total number of individuals (not FTE) who volunteered their services to the library during the year, even if they only worked a brief period of time. Exclude volunteers for other organizations' projects. Exclude Board members performing work for the Board (formerly question 7.1).

2.07 Total volunteer hours. Report the combined number of hours that all of the individuals worked during the year (formerly question 7.2).

2.08 Library Board / District Board (formerly question 7.16). From these dropdown options, please choose the one that best fits your library's Board. The most critical difference between an advisory board and a governing board is that a governing board has hiring/firing, budgetary, and policy-setting authority over the library director. If you choose "other," we'll follow up with you for more information at a later date:

  • No board
  • Advisory board (elected)
  • Advisory board (appointed)
  • Governing board (elected) 
  • Governing board (appointed)
  • other

2.09 Friends of the Library. Please indicate if a Friends of the Library group exists (formerly question 7.17).

2.10 Library Foundation. Please indicate if a Library Foundation exists (formerly question 7.18).