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Public Library Statistical Report

Help for completing the annual Oregon Public Library Statistical Report.

Part 1 - General Information - FAQs

HEY! Why does my library need to complete this *&^@# annual statistical report?!

Legally established public libraries in Oregon get to participate in a rich historical tradition of providing an annual report to the State Library of Oregon going back to 1905! :-) You are also contributing to a HUGE national effort (the IMLS' Public Library Survey) which has helped libraries identify trends and opportunities using national data since 1988.

As a legally established public library in Oregon, you are also bound by Oregon Revised Statue 357.520 to complete this annual statistical report.

Counting registered borrowers - how often to purge records?

It is recommended that patron records should be purged after three years of inactivity. Most public libraries do this purge on annual basis.

What is the official name of the library?

The official name of the library is considered by the State Library to be the name in the resolution, ordinance or ballot measure, that established the library. If a library wants to change its name, send a copy of a new resolution of ordinance making that change to the State Library. If a library has a name change, contact Library Support & Development at 503-378-2525.