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Census 2020 Resources for Oregon Libraries

Learn about the upcoming Census and ways you can promote participation in your community

Fight Census Rumors! Help Oregonians Get the Facts about the Census

Census Resource Center logoThe 2020 Census will be conducted primarily online and library staff will be on the front lines to assist!

Assisting people with their Census forms is just one way libraries can contribute to this important effort. Accurate Census data is a key component to fair representation and funding and is vital to all types of library users, including students, researchers, businesses and community organizations.

According to ALA, 99% of Hard-to-Count (HTC) census tracts live within five miles of a public library!

Use the resources in this guide to find out more about 2020 Census activities and what you can do to promote a successful effort in your community. Get started with the Libraries' Guide to the 2020 Census and Preparing My Library for the 2020 Census from ALA.

For another version of this map, see the CUNY Graduate Center Census 2020 Hard to Count Map