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Oregon LSTA Grants

Help for applying and managing Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant funds through the State Library of Oregon.

About LSTA Competitive Grants

Each fiscal year, the State Library of Oregon budgets approximately 20% to 25% of the state's LSTA allotment for competitive grant projects (contingent upon federal funding). All academic, school, special, tribal, and legally established public libraries in the state of Oregon, as well as non-profit organizations partnering with Oregon libraries, are eligible to apply.

Grant applications are reviewed by Oregon's LSTA Advisory Council, who then make funding recommendations to the State Library Board. Successfully funded projects address at least one of the five goals of Oregon's LSTA Five-Year Plan 2018-2022 (PDF). Since 2010, the program has had an average award amount of $52,029 and a median award amount of $41,542. There are typically between 10 and 15 LSTA competitive grant projects funded each year.

Project activities and expenditures should fit within the state fiscal year (July 1 through June 30), and grant funds are delivered as periodic reimbursements to the grantee for grant-related expenses. Grant recipients submit quarterly reports on programmatic progress and expenditures, as well as a final report following the end of the project year.