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Oregon LSTA Grants

Information about Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grants made available through the State Library of Oregon.

Manage your FY21 Competitive Grant

Congratulations on getting your project funded through the State Library of Oregon! Please refer to information below throughout your grant project. If you have questions, please contact us.

Key Dates

May Contracts issued. Contracts must be returned, signed, to the State Library before projects may begin.
July 1 Projects activities may start.
Oct 31 Quarter 1 report due. May also submit claims for payment.
Jan 31 Quarter 2 report due. May also submit claims for payment.
Apr 30 Quarter 3 report due. May also submit claims for payment.
June 30 Project activities must end.
July 31 Final report due. Must also submit any final claims for payment.

Getting the funds

Funds will be distributed on a reimbursement basis. (Please contact us if this would pose a hardship.) Whenever you need reimbursement, submit a claim for payment. You will need to include all supporting documentation (timesheets, invoices, receipts, etc.).

Acknowledging your funding source

You must include an acknowledgment in all grant products, publications, and websites developed with with grant funding. See this page for details.

Making changes to your grant

If you find that you need to make changes to your project and/or budget...

  1. Contact us so we can discuss the changes. Please reach out early on so we can help you find good solutions!
  2. Depending on the nature of your request, we may ask you to submit a Grant Modification Request form.

Submitting reports

You are required to submit three quarterly reports and a final report on your project. These reports serve as a main mechanism for the State Library to monitor the project's progress, and to help you find solutions should a significant roadblock come up for you.

You can access and submit reports using the online grants portal that you used to apply for a grant. Simply log in using the account you've already created.