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Oregon LSTA Grants

Help for applying and managing Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant funds through the State Library of Oregon.

About LSTA Statewide Projects

About the LSTA Statewide Grants Program

Our Statewide Grants help Oregon libraries meet a wide range of outcomes every year through projects which help improve library services through a range of different activities. All successfully funded projects align with at least one of the following goals of Oregon's LSTA 5-Year Plan (2018-2022):

Goal #1: Provide access to library services, materials, and information resources

Goal #2: Use technology to increase capacity to provide access to library services, materials and information resources

Goal #3: Promote evidence-based practice in libraries

Goal #4: Develop information literacy skills

Goal #5: Foster lifelong learning

What can LSTA funds be used for?

The range of allowable expenditures is quite large. However, there are also many, many things which LSTA funds generally cannot be used for, including construction, entertainment, prizes or other incentives, advocacy or fundraising. Please see the allowable costs guide below, and if you are unsure about a proposed grant-related cost, ask us!