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Oregon LSTA Grants

Information about Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grants made available through the State Library of Oregon.

Statewide Programs Grant


Each fiscal year, the State Library of Oregon dedicates LSTA funding to support ongoing statewide programs and projects. Those interested in applying should contact Successfully funded projects address at least one of the goals of Oregon's LSTA Five-Year Plan.

Currently Supported Statewide Projects (FY2022)

  • Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB): LSTA funds will be used to support executive board meetings, regional and state competitions, and book sets for schools and public libraries (with priority going to schools or public library communities who demonstrate a need for the books in their libraries).
  • Oregon Digital Library Consortium (ODLC): LSTA funds will be used to purchase/license new e-book and e-audiobook content as well as to purchase/license additional copies of existing content to address high holds ratios on popular materials.
  • Oregon School Library Information System (OSLIS): LSTA funds will be used to update and add resources to teach the research process and develop information literacy skills; provide an accurate and current citation generator in MLA and APA formats; maintain the OSLIS website; and raise awareness of OSLIS in the Oregon and national school library communities.
  • Sage Library System: LSTA funds will be used to support the Sage Courier, which enables materials to be transported throughout 15 counties of rural Oregon.