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O'Reilly: Review and Introduction

Learn about all the resources available from O'Reilly through the State Library.


Playlists allow you to organize and share content. Click the Playlists icon wherever you see it on a piece of content, and it will be accessible from any page in your online learning experience via the left navigation "Playlists" icon.

Share Playlists

There are three settings for sharing playlists:

  • Private Playlist: only viewable to you
  • Oregon State Library Playlist: viewable to anyone with an O'Reilly account through the State Library's subscription
  • Public Playlist: viewable to anyone with an O'Reilly account (from any subscription)

To share a playlist, select the "Share Settings" option from your playlist, toggle it to "Oregon State Library Playlist" and click the "Copy link" button to copy the link to share with your co-workers. To follow a shared playlist, click on "Follow Playlist" when you're on the page for the playlist you'd like to follow. Any playlist you follow will appear on your Playlists page. You can unfollow a playlist at any time.

Discover Playlists

Starting August 19, 2019, playlists appear in search results with other resources (ebooks, videos, learning paths, live online training, etc.).

You can also browse playlists by themselves by clicking on the Playlists link from the menu and then clicking on the Discover tab. Playlists from accounts associated with the State Library's subscription will appear on top, followed by expert playlists and playlists associated with the topics you chose for your settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Playlists and Queue?

Playlists replaces the Queue feature. If you used the Queue feature before, you’ll find all of your queued items in a playlist called "Queue."

How do I create or manage a playlist from the Playlists page?

  • Select "Playlists" from the left navigation. That will take you to the Playlists page.
  • Click the red "Create Playlist" button in the upper right corner
  • Add a name and optional description of your playlist
  • Once you’ve created a playlist, you can add to it by using the Playlists icon as you’re engaging with content, anywhere across O’Reilly
  • From this page, you can also choose to edit the details of an existing playlist, delete a playlist, or reorder and remove titles from your playlists

How do I create or manage a playlist from anywhere in O'Reilly?

  • Click on the Playlists icon from any content you’d like to add to an existing playlist, or that you’d like to use to start a new playlist
  • Add a name and optional description if you’re creating a new list, or if you’re adding to an existing list, just click on the name of the list and the content will be added automatically

How do I share a playlist?

  • Start by selecting the "Share Settings" option from your playlist
  • Copy the URL for your playlist and share in the way that works best for you—through email or other preferred method of internal communication
  • Once you set a playlist to "Shared," anyone in your organization with the URL can access and follow it. No one outside of your organization will be able to see it.

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