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Trauma Informed

Information and resources that apply trauma informed practices across several different fields.

Adult Corrections

Prisons that have implemented trauma-informed services have experienced substantial decreases in institutional violence. For example, after implementing a trauma-informed institutional environment in the mental health unit at the Framingham facility in Massachusetts, there was a 62 percent decrease in inmate assaults on staff and a 54 percent decrease in inmate on inmate assaults (Benedict, 2014).

When nature and nurture collide: early childhood trauma, adult crime, and the limits of criminal law

Professor Blumoff, who is trained in psychology and law, has spent the last decade trying to bring population-wide observations from the brain sciences to the jurisprudence of criminal law, thus producing a better model of human behavior for understanding criminal misconduct. This work examines the neuropsychological injuries suffered by seriously abused and neglected children, towards an explanation for why those children produce children who tend to abuse and neglect their own children and sometimes others

Women and the criminal justice system

Presents an up-to-date analysis of women as victims of crime, as offenders, and as professionals in the justice system. The text features an empowerment approach is unified by underlying themes of the intersection of gender, race, and class; and evidence-based research. Personal narratives highlight the information provided to help students connect the text material with real-life situations. An emphasis on critical thinking teaches students to look beyond media hype concerning female offenders to study the real stories behind women affected by and working in the justice system.

Scholarly Articles - Adult

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