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Trauma Informed

Information and resources that apply trauma informed practices across several different fields.

Juvenile Corrections

"The American juvenile justice system has increasingly become aware of the prevalence of traumatic histories among justice involved youth. “More than two thirds of children will experience one or more traumatic event by the time they reach age 16.”...Youth in the justice system present with disproportionately high rates of victimization, with approximately ninety percent reporting a history of traumatic experiences. (NCMHJJ, 2016)... CJCA affirms the need for the nation’s juvenile justice system to adopt trauma informed strategies across all jurisdictions."

Trauma-informed juvenile justice in the United States

Judah Oudshoorn addresses the context of youth offending by examining both individual trauma-including its emotional, cognitive, and behavioural effects-and collective trauma. The volume tackles some of the most challenging problems facing juvenile justice in the United States today, especially the ongoing cycles of intergenerational trauma caused by patriarchal violence and the over-incarceration of African American, Latino, and Native American youth.

Social Work in Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems

This book sets the standard of care for mental health treatment and the delivery of social services to crime victims, juvenile and adult offenders, and their families. The chapters, all authored by experts in the field and all committed to the mission of social justice, are written with the clear understanding that we cannot study criminal justice in a vacuum. Therefore, a major focus of the book is on the renewed growing sense of the profession s obligation to social justice.

Psychological trauma and juvenile delinquency

Focusing on uncovering the underlying developmental mechanisms that account for the association between trauma and antisocial behavior, this volume is dedicated to research investigating the moderating and mediating variables that might explain how childhood trauma is transformed into adolescent misbehavior and describes innovative evidence-based treatments designed specifically to intervene with trauma among delinquent youth.

APA handbook of psychology and juvenile justice

The APA Handbook of Psychology and Juvenile Justice consolidates and advances knowledge about the legal, scientific, and applied foundations of the juvenile justice system. In addition to an overview of the area, it contains chapters in the following sections: Relevant Law, Human Development, Patterns of Offending, Risk Factors for Offending, Forensic Assessment, Intervention, and Training & Ethics.

Forensic child and adolescent mental health

Developmental in approach, the textbook provides a comprehensive overview of forensic child and adolescent mental health, using cases to help clinicians link theoretical principles to practice and understand how mental health and neurodevelopmental impairment can relate to offending behaviour. With an emphasis on preventive initiatives, early intervention and the building of psycho-social resilience through the delivery of values based practice, this book highlights the need for comprehensive assessment for young people across multiple domains of their lives.

Trauma-informed youth justice in Canada: a new framework toward a kinder future

Most youth who come in conflict with the law have experienced some form of trauma, yet many justice professionals are ill-equipped to deal with the effects trauma has on youth and instead reinforce a system that further traumatizes young offenders while ignoring the needs of victims. By taking a trauma-informed perspective, this text provides a much-needed alternative--one that allows for interventions based on principles of healing and restorative justice, rather than on punishment and risk assessment.

Scholarly Articles - Juvenile

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