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Account Activation Project

Information about the library account activation project for Oregon state employees

Questions & Answers

We hope this list of questions with answers provides more information. If you have a question that's not in the list, please ask it in the form below. Thank you!

  • Will I be able to update the information for my account?
    • Yes, our online catalog will have a "My Account" link, where you’ll be able to log in to update your information.
    • We recommend that you also update your Workday account. The Workday API will send information to our system daily, and if the Workday account information is outdated, it will overlay some types of updates that you make for your library account.
  • What if the system responds that there is not an account with my OR number?
    • If you’re a new state employee, Workday may not have been updated with your information.
    • We recommend using the Alternate Account Registration form to complete your account activation.
  • What if I’m not in Workday?
    • There are some state agencies, boards, and commissions that do not use Workday.
    • For state employees who work at those agencies, boards, and commissions, we have an Alternate Account Registration form for you to complete. After you’ve completed the form, we’ll manually create your account.
  • What happens if I have items checked out?
    • If you have a physical item checked out, such as a book or DVD, we’ll merge your current account with your new account.
    • If you have an electronic item checked out, such as an article PDF, we’ll migrate the PDF to the new request/renew materials server. The URL will change because of the server change. Be sure to log in to your account to access the new URL. The original URL emailed to you with the initial loan will no longer work.
  • Will I have access to my checkout history?
    • In most cases, the checkout history will not migrate over to the new account activation system. The exception will be for accounts that have items checked out when the systems move into production, but we expect that account history will only be for current loans.

Account Activation Questions

Please share any questions about the account activation process in the form below.

All submissions are anonymous. If you'd like us to respond to you individually, please add your preferred contact information. Otherwise, we'll add submitted questions with their answers to the list above.

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