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Account Activation Project

Information about the library account activation project for Oregon state employees

Project Overview

Government Information and Library Services ("Government Services") uses a library account system to provide Oregon state employees with access to resources and services. Our current registration system is a legacy, custom-built system that has aged out. We're updating to an industry standard of interconnected systems that includes identity management, resource access, and resource sharing. These systems connect the catalog, database logins, and request/renew materials service.

Updating these three systems will:

  • improve access to resources and services,
  • strengthen information security,
  • enhance usage data for evaluation and assessment, and
  • contribute data for technical support.

Current User Registration System

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Our current user registration system starts by searching for state employees' last names in the LDAP system to (1) confirm state employment status and (2) retrieve the version of state employees' email addresses. After state employees complete the registration form, their account data is held in a SQL database. The SQL database both (a) authenticates accounts for resource access to databases and (b) updates a second SQL database, which provides resource sharing accounts for the request/renew materials service.

Upcoming Account Activation System

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The new account activation system* will use the Workday API to collect initial contact information:

  • name,
  • email address,
  • phone number,
  • work address, and
  • state agency name and code.

A script will distribute the user information into the appropriate fields in our integrated library system (ILS). The ILS will be our identity management system, authenticating accounts for resource access to databases. And the system we use for database logins will in turn inform the resource sharing system that we use for our request/renew materials service. Both the resource access and resource sharing systems will be upgraded to software-as-a-service versions that will include technical support and access to analytics.

*All library accounts will be opt-in, with a requirement to activate an account before accessing library resources and services.

Strategic Plan

This project supports the State Library’s 2020-2023 Strategic Plan as follows:

logoFocus Area: Deliver responsive programs and services

  • Goal: Stakeholders’ interests and needs are reflected in relevant and effective programs and services.
    • Objective: Improve user experience with State Library services to retain and grow the user base.
      • Initiative: Enhance the user experience for state employees and the Legislature by upgrading the State Library’s account management and related systems. (Priority Initiative 2020-21)

logoFocus Area: Build agency infrastructure and capacity

  • Goal: Staff are empowered to deliver quality services and programs through updated technology tools and professional development opportunities.
    • Objective: Modernize critical library systems to increase reliability, effectiveness, and sustainability into the future.
      • Initiative: Migrate the Government Services patron database from its legacy platform to a sustainable integrated system. (Priority Initiative 2020-21)

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