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Advisory Council for Government Information & Library Services: Home

Advisory Council members are state employees, representing a variety of state agencies. The Council provides input for improving the information and research support services provided by library staff to state employees.

Meetings and Minutes

The Advisory Council meets four times each fiscal year. The Council Chair has the authority to convene additional meetings as needed.

Last Meeting:

January 18, 2017 1:30-3:30
Oregon State Library Room 103


  1. Welcome and introductions (5 mins) Caren Agata
  2. Report from the State Librarian (15 mins) MaryKay Dahlgreen
  3. eclips revamp and upgrade (15 mins) Jerry Curry
  4. digital Assest Management System (15 mins ) Claire Bolyard and Heather Pitts
  5. Social media Strategy and Statistics (15 mins.) Sarah Pearson
  6. Government Services Advisory Council Vice Chair (discussion) Sean Nickerson
  7. Money "Smart Week" April Programming (15 min) Paula Newsome / Jerry Curry
    1. Brief reports from council members about the work of their agencies
  8. Farewell / Recruitment Advisory Council Members: (10 mins) Jerry Curry
  9. Round Robin (10 min) All
  10. Adjourned

Archive of Past Meeting Minutes


Advisory Council Members

The Council consists of up to nine members. All members of the Council are employees of a state agency that is assessed for library services. Members are appointed by the Oregon State Library Board of Trustees.There are no formal criteria for Council membership, but a reasonable effort will be made to balance representation based on:

  • Agency size and assessment
  • Agency function
  • Council member job duties
  • Agency use of Library services

Current Members 2017 - 2018:   

  • Sean Nickerson, Chair,  Office of Information Services
  • Lucy Baker, Oregon Advocacy Commissions

  • Madeline MacGregor, Oregon Travel Experience

  • Sarah Manring, Oregon Water Resources

  • Brandy Meng, Dept. of Admin. Services

  • Paula Newsome,, Office of the State CIO

  Library staff supporting the Council:

  •  Caren Agata, Program Manager
  • Jerry Curry, Outreach and Training Coordinator
  • Robby Pietz, Outreach Assistant

Advisory Council Bylaws

Advisory Council Bylaws are approved by the Oregon State Library Board of Trustees. Click on the highlighted link, above, to open a copy of the bylaws.

InfoGuides are administered by Government Information and Library Services, a Division of the Oregon State Library.

For more information contact: / 503-378-8800