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Diversity & Inclusion Resources: Home

Find resources and tools to help build inclusive working environments.

The Culture Map

In The Culture Map, Erin Meyer provides a field-tested model for decoding how cultural differences impact international business. She combines a smart analytical framework with practical, actionable advice for succeeding in a global world.

Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion

Readers will learn about the critical issues involved in framing, designing, and implementing inclusion initiatives in organizations and supporting individuals to develop competencies for inclusion.

Equality, Diversity and Opportunity Management

A comprehensive analysis of the processes of governance, leadership, policy and strategy formulation, decision-making, practical and financial management, and real-world implementation of the Equality, Diversity, Opportunity, and Discrimination (or anti-Discrimination) Agenda.

The Inclusion Imperative

Through practical advice and case studies, this book helps organizations deliver improved employee recruitment and retention, enhanced productivity and better decision-making. Stephen Frost demonstrates that inclusion is not just a moral imperative but one that brings economic and other intangible benefits to organizations.

The Inclusion Dividend

Working effectively across differences such as gender, culture, generational, race, and sexual orientation not only leads to a more productive, innovative corporate culture, but also to a better engagement with customers and clients. The Inclusion Dividend provides a framework to tap the bottom line impact that results from an inclusive culture.

They Dynamics of Managing Diversity

Diversity management is a term that covers not only race, disability and sex discrimination, but also broader issues such as individual and cultural differences. This book can help to prepare HR and business managers to develop meaningful diversity policies in their organizations.

Generations at Work

This all-new edition of the seminal book on navigating the multigenerational workplace takes a fresh look at a growing challenge, now exacerbated by the youngest employees. So how can you lead this motley group with their often incompatible work ethics, values, and styles?

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The Respectful Workplace

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