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Finding Information about Businesses

Learn more about types of business and how to find information about them.

Class Status

Note: This class is not currently offered. Check the State Library's class calendar for current offerings.

This InfoGuide is a supplement to the online class offered by the State Library of Oregon

Class Description and Learning OutcomesLooking up at Fox Tower in Portland backed by a bright blue sky.

A basic introduction to tools you can use to find information about business entities (Oregon and elsewhere), with a special focus on databases provided by the State Library. Learn about the difference in researching public and private companies and what strategies you can use to find information about both.

Attendees will:

  • Learn the difference between private and public companies and the challenges/ opportunities posed in researching each group
  • Gain a basic familiarity with the online databases provided by the State Library for researching businesses
  • Acquire knowledge of other resources and strategies for researching businesses

Image: Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives