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Library Service in Oregon

Resources for locating libraries (and understanding public library service) geographically in Oregon.

Oregon Public Library Service Areas

This map aims to illustrate current public library service areas in Oregon by local jurisdictions. Last updated: June 2019. Please note that jurisdictions overlap in some areas, where public library service is provided through a combination of municipal and district support. Map layers are organized by city/municipal, county and public/school, and library districts.

Click the icon in the upper left corner to collapse/expand the legend, where you can toggle each layer on/off. For best results, please view in full screen mode.

Disclaimer: this map is for informational purposes only, and is based on the best data available at this time. For questions about library service in your area, please contact your local public library.

Many, many thanks to several GIS specialists at county assessors' offices for helping provide district boundary information. Other shapefiles are gathered from the US Census. The source files for each layer are available below to download as .kml files.