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O'Reilly: Review and Introduction

Learn about all the resources available from O'Reilly through the State Library.

A Variety of Content and Formats

O'Reilly is a learning platform that provides individuals, teams, and organizations with expert-created and curated information covering all the areas that will shape our future—including artificial intelligence, operations, data, UX design, finance, leadership, and more.

This information is provided in a variety of formats, listed below.

Ebooks, Videos, & Audiobooks

The platform includes more than 35K book titles plus 30K+ hours of video, interactive tutorials, audio books, and videos from O’Reilly’s global conferences. Get access to exclusive O’Reilly content and resources from more than 200 of the world’s best publishers.


Learning Paths

Learn a programming language, develop new skills, or get started with something entirely new. Each learning path is a logical, well-crafted sequence of expert-led video training. And now, the most popular learning paths include self assessments so you can see how you're doing as you learn.

Live Online Training

Live online training on O'Reilly means that you'll never get stuck—your instructor is right there with you as you learn, ready to answer your questions. And you'll be learning from the best in the business, with instructors from O'Reilly's network of experts and innovators.

As of July 2019, live online training can be accessed via the mobile app!

Case Studies

O'Reilly case studies put key players in the spotlight—real people at companies you know—as they describe the problems they faced, how they worked to overcome them, and what the results were, or how they met the challenge of new opportunities. You'll get practical takeaways and fresh insights you can apply to your own work.

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