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O'Reilly: Review and Introduction

Learn about all the resources available from O'Reilly through the State Library.


Once your account is registered and activated, you'll be asked to complete settings for topics and preferences.


Choose topics that most interest you. Based on the topic choices, you'll receive recommended content on the homepage. You can also build your playlist queues by selecting titles directly from the topics pages.


You can update your preferences for the following settings:

  • Email: If you don't want to receive marketing email from O'Reilly, select the "Unsubscribed" option under "Edit Your Email Preferences."
  • Languages: O'Reilly provides content in multiple languages. Choose which languages you want to see while searching and browsing.
  • Authentication: Choose whether or not to allow the system to remember your email address for future logins
  • Highlights: Set defaults for viewing options (private vs public) or turning off the functionality completely
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Turn on or off the keyboard shortcuts


These are some of O'Reilly's features.


To help you remember what you've been learning, you can make quick highlights in O'Reilly. All your highlights will be saved to this page for quick recall later on. Highlights can be public or private, and you can also choose to add a note to your highlight, and to share it with your team by copying and pasting the URL from your highlights page.


Recommended titles based on recent activity and topic preferences. Includes both ebooks and videos.


History provides a list of items you've view in the past.

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