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Newspaper Resources from the State Library

Learn about all the news and newspaper resources available for state employees through the State Library

News Alerts



News alerts are a great way to keep track of current events that may be relevant to your work and career. You can set up these alerts in our Newspaper Databases.

  • Create a personalized account in your preferred News database resource
  • Search Alerts are sent to your email when your topic is covered 
  • State level, regional or even national in scope
  • Avoid paywalls and limited numbers of stories you can access

Each database resource has an alert option, along with instructions on how set them up.

Example: America's News

  • Complete a search using the search field.
  • Click “Create Alert” on the top of the search results page.
  • Fill out the form with the email address(es) and delivery frequency desired.

or you can contact your friendly reference librarians and we will get you started!

We also have a form on our website that will get you started setting up alerts HERE