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State Agency Subscriptions Review

Information pertaining to ORS 357.115, related to state agencies providing information about subscriptions to the State Library for review and approval.

Background Information

The State Library is collecting information regarding state agency subscriptions to research materials, including individual journals and newspapers, databases, etc.. Once the information is provided, the State Library will review and approve the subscriptions.

Which agencies report information to the State Library?

All state agencies except the State of Oregon Law Library, the State Archives, and county law libraries.

Why is this information being collected?

This process will help create an awareness of the subscriptions held by state agencies, reduce duplication where applicable, and create opportunities for cost efficiencies.

Which subscriptions should be reported?

A quick way to determine if a subscription should be reported to the State Library is to consider where the content is coming from. Reference and research subscriptions have third-party content -- material provided by researchers, scholars, professionals, publishers, etc. If the content is primarily provided by the subscriber (blogs, most software, etc.), then the subscription does not need to be reported to the State Library.

What subscription details is the State Library focusing on?

We're watching for a variety of elements, including but not limited to:

  • subscriptions that duplicate current State Library subscriptions;
  • subscriptions that are duplicates across state agencies;
  • possibilities for cooperative purchasing;
  • possibilities for adjusting State Library subscriptions to better fit state agency needs.

Who is the primary contact?

All state agencies have an agency liaison to provide information to the State Library.
For more information, please see Information for Agency Liaisons.

The Electronic Resources Librarian is the primary contact at the State Library for any questions about state agency subscriptions review.

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