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Pronunciator: Language Learning Online

Overview of language learning available from Pronunciator through the State Library.

FAQs & Support

These are responses to frequently asked questions we've received about the Pronunciator database. Do you have a question that's not answered here or in another section of this guide? Share your question via email, and we'll add it!

Account & Login

What is my Student Name?

Your student name is the email address you used when you created your Pronunciator account. We refer state employees use their work email addresses.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password from the Forgot Your Password? page.

Please note: Sometimes the link to the Forgot Your Password? page from the Pronunciator login page doesn't completely work because of the way the library authentication page is set up. The link above strips that library authentication from the page so that will work. The page looks the same, but the URL is more direct.

When I try to log in, the login button sticks on "Authenticating."

This happens if your browser is set to a more strict setting that blocks cookies. Pronunciator uses a session cookie for user authentication and progress tracking/storage, and blocking the cookie prevents it from logging you in. These are a couple options to resolve the issue:

  • Option 1: Use a different browser. For example, if the strict settings are set for Edge, try switching to another web browser on your computer, such as Chrome or Firefox (or Opera or Safari, if you have those).
  • Option 2: Log in from the Pronunciator app webpage. If you already have a Pronunciator account, logging in directly from the app page often works. Here's the URL so that you can bookmark it:


How do I use Pronunciator on my phone or tablet?

Use your phone/tablet browser to go to the Pronunciator app page. Here's the URL so that you can bookmark it:

Prefer to have Pronunciator set as a link on your phone/tablet's home screen? Here are the steps to do that:

  • For iOS (Apple) devices:
    • Open Safari (other web browsers may not work)
    • Go to the Pronunciator app page:
    • Select the Share icon (box with an up arrow)
    • Navigate down the options
    • Select Add to Home Screen
    • Adjust the name if needed
    • Select Add
  • For Android devices:
    • Open Chrome
    • Go to the Pronunciator app page:
    • Select the Menu icon (3 dots in upper right corner)
    • Navigate down the options
    • Select Add to Home Screen
    • Choose a name if needed
    • Select Add

Please note: The State Library's subscription to Pronunciator does not include the Bluebird app. While you may find the Bluebird app in the App Store or Google Play, it will not sync with the State Library's subscription.

Features & Settings

How do I access my learning reports?

You can access your learning reports and quiz scores by going to the My Stats link. The My Stats link should appear at the top right corner from any course module, and it looks like a bar chart. Once you click on My Stats, you should be able see your status by This Level, This Course, and All Courses for the language combination you've chosen. If you're learning multiple languages, you'll need to access the My Stats link for each language combination you're learning.

How do I download my learning reports?

You can download a PDF version of your learning reports and quiz scores by selecting the Export to PDF link at the top right corner of the My Stats area. (See How do I access my learning reports? for locating the My Stats area.)

Why are my pronunciation scores lower than I expect?

If you receive unusually low scores on exercises or quizzes that use Pronunciator's voice analysis algorithm, here are some tips to try:

  • Try to be in a quiet location. The voice analysis algorithm is highly sensitive to noise. The quieter the room, the better your results will be. We understand this can be difficult in a work environment, so please do the best you can.
  • Record your voice using Pronunciator's Voice Comparison drill. When it is played back to you, listen for volume or quality issues and make adjustments as needed.
  • If your scores are consistently "20" or "25," your microphone may not be fully connected.
  • If your score is "-100," refresh your browser, because you most likely lost your connection to Pronunciator's server.

Is it possible to have phonetic pronunciation options in all languages?

Some languages include phonetic pronunciation options, but others don't. When we asked about including phonetic pronunciation options for all languages, we learned this feature is on a long-term development list for all languages. We'll share more information when we receive it.

Can Pronunciator provide more options for slowing down the speed of the native speakers?

The default speed options provide the best quality video and audio. The Pronunciator team did some tests, and the audio becomes hard to understand at lower speeds, unfortunately.

Is it possible to set email reminders to be sent when learners haven’t logged in in a few days?

The Pronunciator team is balancing preferences for learners who want notifications and learners who don't. They've received feedback that many learners find these types of "push" notifications to be intrusive or aggressive. Personalized Courses offer email reminders if the learner is doing a "streak" (logging in and learning in a repetitive way, such as daily).

Will additional occupations be added to the personalized courses module?

The Pronunciator team is open to hearing suggestions, but they can't promise any additions. The State Library shared a suggestion for Park Ranger to be added. If you have suggestions for additional occupations, please let us know.