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Pronunciator: Language Learning Online

Overview of language learning available from Pronunciator through the State Library.

Settings & Features

screenshot of Pronunciator login boxes

Account Updates

If you need to update your email address or change your password, login in to your Pronunciator account and choose My Account. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on the Forgot? link near the password input box.


When you're in a lesson or course, click on the gear icon at the top right to adjust settings for:

  • The number of times the native speaker repeats a phrase
  • Whether or not to remember your username and password on the login page

Audio Lessons

Audio lessons can be downloaded in m4a format for offline learning. To download a file, access an audio lesson and then click the download option from the lower menu.

Note: Audio file downloads are limited to 90 m4a files per month per user (approximately 60 hours).

Global Volume

You can set the global volume level from within a lesson or course by clicking on speaker icon at the top right.


Phrasebooks are in PDF format and include the instructional phrases for the selected learning course(s). The phrases are organized according to the type of learning (see below) and available in the home language, learning language, and phonetic spelling for the learning language.

Download phrasebooks from the following learning options:

  • Main Courses (self-guided learning): Click on the Phrasebook from the menu bar at the top of the screen. The phrases will be organized by alphabetical subtopic for the language.
  • Personalized Courses (personalized learning): Click on the Export to PDF link from the top left corner. The phrases will be organized by the week and day of your course.


Note: Phrasebooks are limited to 10 downloads per month per user (approximately 320 pages).


Access the ProSearch feature from any course in the Main Course area.

  • Click on the Search icon (magnifying glass)
  • Enter your search criteria: search phrase and optional characteristics (learning level, unit within level, part of speech, type)
  • Click on the Search button
  • Review the results and click on the option that looks like a good match


Track your progress by clicking on the My Stats icon (three column bar graph) at the top right corner. Pronunciator will share:

  • Stats for All Courses: course name, average score, and percentage complete
  • Stats for This Course: level name, average score, and a link to areas for improvement
  • Stats for This Level: unit name, progress for learning types (vocabulary, pronunciation, and more)

Click on the Export to PDF link to export your statistics for your own records or to report for professional development or continuing education credits.