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Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse (OIFC)

The Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse (OIFC) was established in 1987 with the primary mission to collect and compile information about intellectual freedom issues at libraries and schools in Oregon.  Intellectual freedom issues include, but are not limited to: materials challenges, internet filters, patron privacy and confidential records, hate crimes, services (public meeting room use, exhibits, programs, etc.), and other related issues (student publications or performances, access to libraries or library cards, social media, artwork, "First Amendment Audit"). The OIFC also provides information to libraries to help them prepare for and address intellectual freedom issues.

  1. Report on challenges to intellectual freedom in Oregon
  2. Provide information and resources needed by librarians to uphold the principles of intellectual freedom in their libraries

The Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse will:

  • Establish a central clearinghouse for information about challenges to intellectual freedom in all types of Oregon libraries.
  • Write and distribute an annual report on challenges to intellectual freedom in Oregon.
  • Submit annual reports to the American Library Association’s Office of Intellectual Freedom.
  • Maintain an index of challenges which summarizes all of the reported challenges in Oregon from 1987 to the present.
  • With permission, connect librarians dealing with a challenge to other librarians who have dealt with similar challenges to library materials.
  • Provide resources to help libraries establish policies and procedures that uphold the principles of intellectual freedom before challenges occur.
  • Support the Intellectual Freedom Committee of the Oregon Library Association in their effort to increase awareness of intellectual freedom issues.
  • Cooperate with other people and groups concerned with intellectual freedom or related issues.