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Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse (OIFC)

Challenges in Oregon

Each year the OIFC encourages Oregon libraries and schools to report on challenges to library materials, services, and programs.

Challenges can be any of the following:

  • Materials challenge (books, movies, music, magazines, digital content)
  • Internet-related challenge (filtering issues, access to computers, use policies)
  • Library service (meeting rooms, programs, author visits, exhibits, displays, hold shelf practices)
  • Patron privacy or confidentiality (personally identifiable information, circulation records)
  • Hate crime (defacement of library property to target a specific group; use of swastikas or other symbols of intimidation, harassment or assault on library property)
  • Other (student publications or performances, access to libraries or library cards, social media, artwork, "First Amendment Audit")

As this is a voluntary process, the accuracy of the OIFC’s annual reports and Index to Challenges are directly related to the number of institutions that choose to report and the quality of information they provide.

The annual report summarizes the challenges to library materials, services, and programs from the past year.

Reports include the type of person or organization that initiated the challenge with a brief description of their objection. For materials challenges, the reports include the title, author, and format of each item challenged.

No identifying information concerning the library, reporter, or challenger is published.

For previous reports, please contact Library Support (

The Title Index to Materials Challenges is a list of the titles and authors of the library materials challenged in Oregon since 1987. It also includes if the material was retained, reclassified, relocated, or removed from the library collection. New information is added each year.

Note: Originally, the names of the libraries where materials were challenged were included; entries added after 2009 do not include library names.