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Statewide Database Licensing Program

Answers to your questions about the State Library of Oregon's Statewide Database Licensing Program (SDLP)


The State Library has announced the cancellation of these products effective November 1, 2023. See announcement for more details.


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LearningExpress Library offers online practice tests, skills-building for math, reading, and writing, computer skills tutorials, e-books and career development tools.

LearningExpress Library resources are organized in the follow centers.

Career Preparation Explore career paths and prepare for college, occupational, and military exams
Job & Career Accelerator Job listings, career resources, resume and cover letter writing tools and instruction
High School Equivalency Center Build basic skills in preparation for GED or other high school equivalency credentials
Prepare for College Preparation for standard entrance exams including ACT, SAT, AP, etc. See College Admission Test Dates to help plan promotions in your library.
Grades 4–8 Educator Resources Skill-building lessons and practice for guiding young learners.
High School Students Skill-building resources for classroom and homework success.
College Students Build math, reading, writing, science skills and prepare for college and graduate school placement exams
Adult Core Skills Build math, reading, writing, speaking skills and prepare for citizenship exam
Computer Skills Center Video tutorials on Microsoft Office tools, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and Windows and Mac operating systems. Basic computer and internet tutorial videos are also available.
Personal Success Skills Resources to help individuals develop the core knowledge and skills for workplace success and personal fulfillment. Topics covered include workplace skills, organization & time management, and personal finance and media literacy skills.
Recursos para Hispanhoblantes Spanish language resources including building math, reading, writing, speaking skills, and preparation for citizenship and GED exams



Flyers and bookmarks with Libraries of Oregon links and branding are also available. Contact Arlene Weible for more information.