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Statewide Database Licensing Program

Answers to your questions about the State Library of Oregon's Statewide Database Licensing Program (SDLP)

What's New?

Gale Database Enhancements Coming This Summer!

Enhancements will primarily be focused on interface and display improvements and not impact database content. However, there are some changes that could impact the way your library may choose to display and provide access to the resources on your local web site.

Database name changes

Gale will be doing some rebranding that will primarily place the name “Gale” in front of product names. For example,

Academic OneFile will become Gale Academic OneFile

Libraries that provide A to Z lists will want to consider how to display database names with this new naming convention. Also, icons will be updated to reflect these new names, so those files may need to be refreshed on local library web sites.

Note: For libraries that use a Gale Pages to provide access on your web site, the icons, links and name changes will be automatically updated.

Potential Security/Firewall issues

HTTPS now mandatory - Secure product access will be guaranteed using HTTPS protocol. This ensures that data between a patron’s browser and Gale products is encrypted, and that the right to privacy for library users is protected. HTTP links will automatically redirect to HTTPS for the foreseeable future, but updating your links by adding the “s” is good practice.

New, shorter domain names—Gale products will begin answering to * instead of *  All existing * URLs will automatically redirect to the new location

EZ-Proxy/Innovative WAM:  Libraries using either of these proxy servers will need to update the Gale entry in your proxy server configuration so that it reflects HTTPS and  Gale is working with OCLC and III now to develop an updated Gale configuration for you. 

Firewall Whitelist :  If your library firewall uses “whitelists” to allow traffic by domain name, you will need to ensure that the new * domain is allowed to pass through.  None of the Gale IP addresses are changing. 

A summary of additional enhancements is available on the Gale web site.

The enhancements  will impact the following InfoTrac and InContext products

Academic OneFile                                           

Books & Authors                                             

Business Collection                                        

Computer Database                                      

Educators Reference Complete                                                

GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources)                                             

General OneFile                                              

General Science Collection                                         

Health Reference Center Academic                                        

Health and Wellness Resource Center                                   

InfoTrac Newsstand                                      



Opposing Viewpoints In Context                                             

Popular Magazines                                         


Research In Context                                      

Small Business Resource Center                                               

Student Resources In Context                                  

This will also impact InfoTrac subject-focused collections:

Agriculture Collection

Business Economics and Theory

Communications and Mass Media Collection      

Criminal Justice Collection                                           

Culinary Arts Collection                                

Diversity Studies Collection

Environmental Studies and Policy Collection                                       

Fine Arts and Music Collection

Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection                                           

Gender Studies Collection

Home Improvement Collection                                

Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection

Information Science and Library Issues Collection

Insurance and Liability Collection

Nursing and Allied Health Collection

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection                                              

Pop Culture Collection  

Psychology Collection   

Small Business Collection                             

U.S. History Collection