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COVID-19: Information for Oregon Libraries: Library Operations Guidance

Resources about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic for those working in Oregon libraries

Library Operations Guidance

This guide is no longer being actively updated, so some information in it may be outdated or unavailable.

If you have questions about current COVID-19 practices,
please contact Buzzy Nielsen at or 971-375-3486.


COVID-19 Advice for Libraries, including new mask requirements, updated August 13, 2021, replaces previous update from July 7, 2021.

The State Library of Oregon issued previous guidance in June 2020 and December 2020 to respond to questions from Oregon libraries in how to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. State Library staff have reviewed state-issued guidance for advice that may also apply to libraries.

Other helpful guidance can be found in these resources:

Building a Safe & Strong Oregon  (Office of the Governor)

COVID-19 Updates (Oregon Health Authority)

Ready Schools, Safe Learners Resiliency Framework: Guidance for the 2021-22 School Year (Oregon Department of Education)

Guidance for the Conduct of In-Person Instructional, Residential, and Research Activities at Oregon Colleges and Universities (Higher Education Coordinating Commission)

Reopening considerations for Libraries, Archives, Museums and Managing uncertainty during COVID-19 (REALM Project)

Please send your questions or comments to

Status of Oregon Libraries During COVID 19 (Jan. 15, 2021) - A summary prepared for the State Library Board. To share information about the services your library is currently offering, please update the Oregon Library Services Status Google sheet.


Questions to Consider

How are public spaces being changed to allow for current public health guidelines to be met? Have you consulted with local public health and other officials to determine any local rules or practices?

How are you communicating your safety guidelines to patrons? How will you monitor compliance or address non-compliant behavior?

How do your patrons know what library services they can access during this time?

Have library web pages, brochures, social media, Google been updated to reflect new service hours?

Are library systems updated to reflect new loan periods, holds, or other new/revised policies?

Will virtual programming started when library building was closed continue at the same level when staff return to building?

Cleaning and Supplies
Public Spaces


Questions to Consider

What materials handling strategies have been implemented to minimize potential transmission?

Does the library have a sufficient inventory of cleaning and safety supplies to maintain services?

What supplies are needed to maintain quarantined materials (bins, book trucks, etc.)?

What check in/check out procedures will be used when moving materials in and out of quarantine?




Questions to Consider

How will staff work schedules be altered to adjust to changes to public hours?

Do library workers who interact with other staff and the public have the equipment, space, and training needed to safely interact with others?

Are you providing training for your staff on your safety guidelines?

Have library policies been reviewed or updated to reflect changed services?

To whom should questions about safety be referred?

Is there a process for adjusting policies and procedures as issues arise?

Have you met with other departments or agencies that share space (meeting rooms, staff break rooms, etc.) with the library to review guidelines and use policies?



Resources to download/print/post locally