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State Library Email Lists

This InfoGuide is designed to assist mailing list administrators/owners and moderators manage their State Library hosted mailing lists.

One-Way Lists: Newsletters, Agency Announcements

State contract with GovDelivery/Granicus

Some Well Known third party vendors

Advantages to using mailing list commercial products

  • Metrics, who is clicking on what portion of your message
  • Segmentation, can send targeted messages to specific groups of subscribers
  • Support (local IT may not be required)
  • Creativity & Flexibility
  • Large Message Sizes can be accommodated
  • Increased Uptime

Two-Way Lists: Interactive

Pose Unique Challenges

  • Greater complexity
  • If hosted in-house will require IT support


Note: Mailman is the open source software we have utilized. It is easily downloadable and can be installed and run at your agency. We can export your list’s current subscriber data, which you could then migrate over to a new service.

Free Services

Note: Transparency is an issue, little to no support.  Services can be eliminating by hosting organization.

Organization Membership Management Platform

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