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Answerland Staff Toolkit

Help, information, and resources for library staff participating in Answerland, Oregon's statewide reference service.

Quality Team Projects

  • Restart and improve Answerland’s Mentor a Librarian program
    • Revive this past program and update it to support the current needs of Answerland librarians
  • Create best practices and tip sheets to support new and experienced Answerland staff
    • Corral and update existing best practices documentation, then create new documentation based on what Answerlanders want
  • Update the Quality Team section of the Answerland website
    • Continue to revise the page to ensure it reflects current information and provides easy access to Answerland's litany of quality-related resources
  • Generate tip sheet for giving Answerland feedback
    • Promote continuous improvement of Answerland reference transactions
  • Improve communication with Answerlanders about the Quality Team
    • Increase awareness among the Answerland group as to what the Quality Team is working on and how we can help Answerlanders with various quality-related questions and concerns
  • Recognize outstanding transcripts, Notable Transcript Awards
    • Continue the existing program to highlight and commend notable Answerland reference transactions
    • Continue documenting the notable transcripts on the Transcripts page as a training resource for Answerland librarians