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LSTA Grants

Grant Awards

Competitive Grants

A list of all competitive grant awards since 2010 is available in the Open Open Data Portal.

Statewide Project Grantees, 2023-2024

  • OLA EDI & Antiracism Committee, $7,700
    LSTA funds will be used to support the production of the podcast, Overdue: Weeding Out Oppression in Libraries.
  • Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB): $26,000
    LSTA funds will be used to support executive board meetings, regional and state competitions, and book sets for schools and public libraries.
  • Oregon Digital Library Consortium (ODLC), $51,700
    LSTA funds will be used to purchase digital books for the collectio based on their level of popularity among patrons. The books will be delivered to patrons from OverDrive through the Library2Go site and the Libby app.
  • Oregon School Library Information System (OSLIS), $19,470
    LSTA funds will be used to update and add resources to teach the research process and develop information literacy skills; maintain the OSLIS website; and promote awareness and usage of OSLIS.
  • Sage Library System, $67,893
    LSTA funds will be used to support the Sage Courier, which enables materials to be transported throughout 15 counties of rural Oregon.

Teen Internship Grantees, 2023

  • Adams Public Library
  • Athena Public Library
  • Chetco Community Public Library
  • Clatskanie Library District
  • Cornelius Public Library
  • Dallas Public Library
  • Echo Public Library
  • Flora M. Laird Memorial Library
  • Klamath County Library Service District
  • Lower Umpqua Library District
  • Mt. Angel Public Library
  • Newberg Public Library
  • Newport Public Library
  • Scappoose Public Library District
  • Stanfield Public Library
  • Tillamook County Library
  • Toledo Public Library
  • Tualatin Public Library
  • Wilsonville Public Library

ARPA Grants

For information on this grant program, see Past Opportunities.

Organization County  Amount Awarded  Funds will be used…
Albany Regional Museum Linn  $  49,460.40 to revamp current exhibits to be more inclusive and accessible, including telling stories of underrepresented voices.
Cedar Mill Community Library Association Washington  $  31,436.60 to work with area schools, early childhood outreach programs, and community organizations to bring resources and services to underserved communities.
Central Oregon Community College Deschutes  $    6,558.00 to pilot a Controlled Digital Lending program, wherein copies of expensive course texts are made available to students electronically for free through the library.
Clatsop Community College Clatsop  $  19,800.00 for additional laptops, ADA workstations, and specialized computers to meet student demand and provide equitable access to technology.
Corvallis-Benton County Public Library Benton  $    5,000.00 to create STEAM kits and literacy packages for youth in remote areas to support their educational journey and encourage a love of STEAM activities.
Cottage Grove Public Library Lane  $  70,560.00 for programs and updates to better serve Spanish and Mayan-language (Mam, K'iche') speaking communities, and to support a community health worker who can act as a resource navigator for individuals and families who come to the library, community center, or Senior & Disabled Services offices.
Crook County Library Crook  $    6,000.00 to hire a firm to translate library documents, guidelines, and policies into Spanish in order to improve services and outreach to the Spanish-speaking population in Crook County.
Eagle Point Museum Jackson  $    2,000.00 to increase awareness of historic diversity in the Upper Rogue Valley with particular attention to John Mathews, an early Black pioneer, and Native Peoples of the region.
Eastern Oregon University Union  $  18,177.50 to establish a mobile Virtual Reality Lab, run by the library, that provides students and faculty access to technology that has been shown to increase engagement and academic success.
Elkton Community Education Center Douglas  $  17,050.00 to address the community need for safe gathering spaces and reliable services by establishing a telehealth kiosk, extending Internet access, adding technology for virtual programs, and equipping the building for extended power outages.
Estacada Public Library Clackamas  $ 102,000.00 for an outreach vehicle to regularly visit rural areas and offer library services, materials checkout, Wi-Fi and equipment access, programs, information resources, and more. 
Fossil Public Library Wheeler  $    2,560.00 to acquire equipment to enhance the Wi-Fi and to start a digital literacy training program.
Genealogical Forum of Oregon Multnomah  $    1,400.00 to purchase a scanner that can be used by trained volunteers to digitize materials and make collections more accessible.
Grant County Library Grant  $    8,167.62 to upgrade public access computers to meet the community's education and workforce needs, and to create an outdoor area for community members to charge devices and use Wi-Fi outside of regular hours. 
Greater Albany Public Schools Linn  $ 150,000.00 to supply historically underserved students with Wi-Fi hotspots and Chromebooks as well as additional instructional and logistical support to overcome the educational impacts of the COVID pandemic.
Harney County Library Harney  $  10,074.08 to increase Internet access in the community through a hotspot lending program and new Wi-Fi equipment.
Hillsboro School District Washington  $  11,500.00 to host Reedville Family Tech Nights, a program aimed at increasing student technology skills and offering families an opportunity to acquire computer education and workforce development skills.
Holy Cross Catholic School Multnomah  $  11,054.00 to connect English as new language, linguistically diverse learners, and exceptional learners with needed technology, resources, and support.
Hood River County Library District Hood River  $  75,000.00 to expand its impact and outreach efforts to engage Latine community members, seniors, and low-income community members in rural Hood River County.
Jefferson County Library District Jefferson  $ 145,794.92 to increase Internet access through a hotspot lending program and a Wi-Fi equipped bookmobile, and to create culturally-attuned programming to enhance learning and cultural awareness within the county.
Jefferson Historical Society & Museum Marion  $    4,048.00 for improved Wi-Fi and equipment to connect people with information and service, and to train teens to collect oral histories about living and going to school during a pandemic. 
Lane County Law Library Lane  $  31,284.00 to work with partners to establish a central hub for authoritative, comprehensive, and current legal information on landlord/tenant law targeted specifically to Lane County renters.
Linn County Law Library Linn  $  41,000.00 to establish eviction prevention clinics to connect renters with rental assistance and information about their rights.
Linn-Benton Community College Linn  $  23,581.80 to establish a digital literacy appointment service, available in Spanish and English, and improve communications and systems to better serve Spanish-speaking patrons. 
Lower Umpqua Library District Douglas  $    7,681.73 to bring services to the community by constructing and positioning seven neighborhood self-service libraries around the district.
Marion County Law Library Marion  $    5,000.00 to install charging stations for use by the public during open hours, and to purchase USB drives for socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals needing to organize research information and store personal documents.
Monmouth Public Library Polk  $    8,500.00 to update the public computer stations to be wheelchair friendly, ergonomic and ADA compliant. 
Multnomah County Library Multnomah  $ 112,800.00 to help digitally underserved community members get connected to high speed Internet and Chromebooks through a Tech Lending Program.
Museum of Natural and Cultural History (University of Oregon) Statewide  $  97,144.00 to design and develop Museum Adventures, a set of bilingual English/Spanish traveling exhibits, activities, and professional development tools for libraries to use while serving families in rural areas.
Newberg School District Yamhill  $  16,360.00 to partner with the Newberg Public Library to host Newbery award winning young adult novelist Matt de la Peña, to draw students and families  - especially those who identify as Latine - back into reading.  
North Bend Public Library Coos  $ 158,091.01 to collaborate with community organizations to embed a social worker in three local public libraries - North Bend, Coos Bay, and Lakeside -  to support community members in accessing housing, food, employment, healthcare, and other needed services. 
North Plains Public Library Washington  $    3,750.00 to increase Wi-Fi access when building closed, support local elementary students in learning about the indigenous history of the North Plains area, and host a bilingual Hindi/English storytime series.
Nyssa Public Library Malheur  $    5,000.00 to increase Internet access through upgraded Wi-Fi and hotspots for checkout; to coordinate with local Headstart and Latine community leaders to host a family night at the library; and to work with Eastern Oregon WorkSource to set up a public workforce development space.
Oakland Public Library Douglas  $  25,000.00 to set up public computer stations for community members to apply for jobs, digitize important documents, and access educational programs and recreational activities. 
Oregon City Public Library Clackamas  $    2,200.00 to cultivate a collection of materials with high interest and relatively low reading levels for members of the disability community and their caregivers.
Oregon Coast Community College Library Lincoln  $  16,700.00 to upgrade computers stations as part of a larger project establishing a space for students to assess and improve their digital literacy skills. 
Oregon Historical Society Statewide  $ 150,000.00 to redesign and renew key Oregon history digital tools - the Oregon History Project, the Oregon History Wayfinder, and the Oregon TimeWeb - and better integrate them with the Oregon Encyclopedia, creating an innovative and interconnected public history resource, suitable for classrooms and general users. 
Oregon Trail Library District Morrow  $  12,000.00 to continue to provide Internet access in the community through a hotspot lending program
Pacific University Washington  $  36,067.68 for high-speed scanners to increase student use of print course reserves as an alternative to purchasing expensive course texts.
Pendleton Public Library Umatilla  $ 140,000.00 for an outreach vehicle to provide mobile library services to underserved areas and, in partnership with the parks department, deliver on-the-go recreation activities to marginalized communities. 
Phoenix Historical Society Museum Jackson  $  13,285.80 to work with consultants from the Latine community to re-contexualize exhibits focused on white settlers and become more inclusive and representative of the community, and to increase access to this content through upgraded Internet and website.
Port Orford Public Library Curry  $  12,495.00 to create an outdoor area for community members to charge devices and use Wi-Fi outside of regular hours, and to redesign the library website to improve accessibility.
Rainier City Library Columbia  $    9,698.00 to increase Internet access in the community through a hotspot lending program, to provide public access laptops at outreach locations, and to establish a lending library at a local senior apartment complex.
Redmond School District #2J Deschutes  $  19,910.00 to increase Latine students’ connection with schools and family through a Día de los Niños/Día de los libros event featuring Mexican American writer, Donna Barba Higuera, and a bilingual library night series.
Rogue Community College Jackson  $  64,605.00 to install ADA accessible lockers at the two largest campus libraries to provide students greater access to materials, course reserves, and technology provided by the library, and to pilot a one-year program to provide Internet access to students in need. 
Roseburg Public Library Douglas  $    2,462.00 to install an assistive listening system in the community room to allow people with hearing disabilities to actively engage in activities.
Salem Public Library Marion  $ 119,509.00 for an outreach vehicle to bring materials, technology, activities, and other tools to underserved neighborhood sites in Salem, and to increase access to library events by integrating spoken language and ASL interpretation and planning programs delivered primarily in Spanish.
Scappoose Public Library District Columbia  $  15,400.00 to create an outdoor area for community members to charge devices and use Wi-Fi outside of regular hours, and for resources, activities, and outreach to underserved communities.
Siskiyou Smokejumper Base Museum Josephine  $  19,916.50 to improve Internet service in a very rural part of the state; to make exhibits more accessible with a wheelchair ramp, bilingual signage, technology, and outreach; and to bring new information to the public about the Triple Nickels, the only Black airborne battalion of WWII.
Southwestern Oregon Community College Coos  $    8,543.00 to collaborate with other departments to serve a greater population of underserved students with the laptop loan program.
St. Helens Public Library Columbia  $    5,390.00 to update ADA equipment in the library; to purchase software to facilitate conferences, webinars, and meetings online; and to equip the library's courtyard for outdoor programming.
Stayton Public Library Marion  $  15,000.00 to improve services and outreach to the Spanish-speaking population by translating into Spanish integral resources such as brochures, program materials, marketing, and library forms and signage. 
Tualatin Public Library Washington  $  13,500.00 to improve literacy within the Latine community and increase Latine residents’ connection to the library through outreach programs in places with large Latine populations.  
Umpqua Community College Douglas  $  15,510.00 to lend hotspots to digitally-disadvantaged students; to purchase a scanner for course reserves and loaning materials; and to curate early childhood and workforce development collections.
Vernonia Public Library Columbia  $  15,175.60 to upgrade public computers and Wi-Fi to meet community needs; to purchase technology to facilitate community presentations, webinars, and meetings; and to increase public awareness of services by purchasing a tablet to educate patrons on downloadable materials.
Wallowa Band Nez Perce Trail Interpretive Center Wallowa  $  20,000.00 to create a short film about the history of the powwow, to keep the spirit of Tamkaliks alive and highlight the connection of the Wallowa Band of Nez Perce to the Wallowa Valley. As a part of the project, digitize and archive hundreds of slides and photographs from powwows and make them publicly available online.
Washington County Cooperative Library Services Washington  $    7,150.00 to purchase a VIP Learning Tool for Spanish-speaking patrons to get needed online training and certifications, and to curate a collection of Spanish-language materials for people who are incarcerated at correctional facilities. 
Washington County Law Library Washington  $    4,765.02 to curate an electronic lending collection of key Oregon legal titles. 
Willamette University Marion  $  17,740.00 to increase Internet access for community members through a wireless network upgrade.
Willamina Public Library Yamhill  $  15,300.00 to work with community organizations on providing pop-up services and programs using a book bike, and create a library website that includes access points to local community resources.
Woodburn Public Library Marion  $  98,500.00 for a bookmobile to provide access to library services in rural and migrant communities, and to provide early literacy services.