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LSTA Grants

2024 Connectivity Grant

Application window for this grant is now closed.

The State Library is offering grants of up to $5,000 to small and rural public libraries, public community colleges, and federally recognized tribes in the state of Oregon to enhance connectivity in their communities. This grant program is part of the Connectivity and Technology focal area of the LSTA Five-Year Plan - to support projects that increase broadband, connectivity, and technology access through libraries.

The application period will start April 1, 2024, and close April 15, 2024. Grants will be awarded by April 30, 2024. Funds will be distributed in advance and recipients will be expected to commit to spending the entire grant amount to the penny. All funds must be expended by August 31, 2024.

Who may apply

This grant is by invitation only. The State Library will be contacting:

  • Officially recognized small and rural public libraries in Oregon that have not received a grant from the State Library for a connectivity-related project in recent years (since 2022)
  • Academic libraries at public community colleges in Oregon that have not received a grant from the State Library for a connectivity-related project in recent years (since 2022)
  • Federally recognized tribes in the state of Oregon

Each organization may submit only one application.

What you may apply for

Each applicant may request up to $5,000 to enhance connectivity. This may include:

  • Purchasing devices to eliminate barriers to technology (examples: fixed wireless devices or hotspots, phones, tablets, laptops)
  • Acquiring equipment to enhance Wi-Fi in the library building or out in the community
  • Establishing or refreshing ADA computer workstations
  • Purchasing technology to conduct hybrid sessions in public meeting rooms
  • Setting up dedicated stations for confidential virtual appointments

Purchases must adhere to Allowable Costs. Please note that grant funds may not be used for construction, nor for subscription costs (including data plans) that go beyond August 31, 2024. Applicants may allocate a portion of the grant funds for becoming CIPA compliant.

Up to 10% of the funds requested may be used for indirect costs (overhead-type costs such as staff time spent on grant administration, administrative or financial operations for an entire organization, etc.). If your institution or organization has a previously negotiated indirect cost rate in place with any federal agency and you wish to use that rate, the State Library of Oregon is obligated to honor it if your project is successfully funded.


Applications will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Application presents strong rationale for significance of proposed project;
  • Application solidly demonstrates potential to increase connectivity in the community;
  • Application demonstrates that scope of project is reasonable for grant period; and
  • Application spending plan is linked to activities and contains reasonable cost estimates.

The State Library will prioritize projects that target needs of historically and currently underserved and under-resourced communities as identified in the State of Oregon’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan.

What you will be required to do if awarded a grant…

  • Acknowledge the funding source in any publicity about the project or on resources created with these grant funds
  • Contact the State Library if you need to make changes to your project and/or budget
  • Expend ALL funds received by August 31, 2024
  • Submit a final report with all documentation related to purchases by September 15, 2024


April 1, 2024 Applications open
April 15, 2024 Applications due
April 30, 2024 Applicants notified of award status
August 31, 2024 Deadline for grantees to spend funds
September 15, 2024 Deadline for grantees to submit final report, including receipts

How to Apply

You may preview the application before applying.

To start your application:

  • Log in to our online grants portal
    • If you are new to the system, you will need to create an account. You may want to first check if someone else from your organization has created an account for this site. If so, please email We can create an account for you that will be connected to your organization in the site.
  • Once logged in, select Apply in the top menu.
  • Locate the 2024 Connectivity Grant box, and select the blue Apply button on that box.
  • You may save your work, log out, and come back to your application at any time before submitting.

Final applications must be submitted by the deadline listed in the timeline above. Applications that are left incomplete in the system or not submitted by the deadline will be considered abandoned requests and will not be considered for funding.