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Vocational Rehabilitation Library Toolkit

Curated resources to respond to Vocational Rehabilitation community needs

Professional Development

A selection of resources to support professional development for vocational rehabilitation counselors and staff.

Goal Setting

Resources from O'Reilly

Online Courses



To Support Clients


Peer Support

Peer Support & Wellness

Stress First Aid

Accommodations & Modifications

Employment Accommodations

Solution Examples & Assistive Technology

Preferred Worker Program

Reading/Book Club Suggestions

The books listed below are all available in eBook format for unlimited users, which makes them good options for reading groups.

Streaming Video Options

Here are options for freely accessible streaming videos. Please see the notes below for any restrictions related to public performance rights.

Freely Available Online   |   Library Resources

Freely Available Online

Library Resources

State Library of Oregon

Public Libraries in Oregon

A selection of resources for finding local public libraries, with additional information for locating digital and streaming video resources.


Directories and maps to locate an Oregon public library near you.


A selection of video databases that may be available from your local public library.
Please note, different libraries have different budgets and purchasing capabilities, so not all libraries will have the same options.

Training Resources

O'Reilly Playlists

Zoom Open Office Hours Recordings

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