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Vocational Rehabilitation Library Toolkit

Curated resources to respond to Vocational Rehabilitation community needs

Client Population Groups: Mental Health Community

A selection of resources to help support individuals in the mental health community.

Note: If a link has a State Library of Oregon logo icon, it will only be available to State of Oregon employees who have library accounts with the State Library of Oregon. (The link will go to a login page for individuals to enter their library username and password before going to the item in the library database.)

Videos & Recorded Webinars

Mental Health Community Experiences   |   Webinars (Mental Health & Employment)   |   Webinars (Youth, Mental Health, & Employment)

Videos about Mental Health Community Experiences

Recorded Webinars & Presentations (Mental Health & Employment)

Recorded Webinars & Presentations (Youth, Mental Health, & Employment)

Articles, Reports, & Websites

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The books listed below are workbooks focused on the following mental health topics: anxiety, depression, PTSD, and brain injury.

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