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Continuing Education Resources for Library Staff

Front Line Custom Service

Front Line Customer Service: A Six-Part Course

Materials Challenges: Interacting with a Customer Complaint About Library Materials was added in July 2022.

Front Line Customer Service is a six-module, self-paced course which is designed to help staff grow customer service confidence and skills, lower stress, better respond to difficult customer situations with renewed energy and resolve, and build more positive and long-lasting relationships with library patrons. The modules focus on building confidence with:

  • Tools to respond to difficult customers
  • Steps to take to build and maintain patron relationships
  • Video examples of customer situations
  • Safety and environmental awareness

This course is great for onboarding new staff and can be used individually or in groups. Ready to get started? The course can be accessed through the Oregon Library Staff AcademyIf you need access to the academy please use this request form -- available to Oregon library staff, volunteers, and board members.

NEW: The State Library has renewed access to this course through the end of March 2024.