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Finding Data & Statistics

An information guide to accompany the iLearnOregon class Finding Data & Statistics

Search Preparation


Data Types

Consider types of data or statistics

  • demographic/population
  • marketing/sales
  • business/industry
  • discipline/topic
  • opinion/poll
  • GIS (geographic information systems)

Data Creators

Consider types of data and statistics creators

  • academic researchers
  • government analysts/agencies
  • businesses (individual and/or aggregator)
  • organizations (non-profit, for-profit, etc.)

Clarifying Questions

Ask questions to clarify source and availability

  • How is the information disseminated?
  • Who stores the data?
  • How is access provided to the data?

Search Strategies

  • Thesaurus — different ways of saying similar things
    • Example: data, data archive, statistics, surveys, polls, etc.
  • Boolean terms — mix and match those terms
    • Example: AND, OR, NOT
  • Site extension limiters — limit to specific site extensions
    • Example: .gov, .edu, .org

Result = "Willamette River" Oregon AND (data OR statistics)

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