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Library Laws of Oregon

Library Laws of Oregon is a selective compilation of the laws, rules, and legal issues directly affecting libraries in the state.

Libraries (ORS Chapter 357)

Library Districts

ORS 357.216-357.286
     Generally ORS 357.216
     Formation ORS 357.221-357.223
     Governing Boards ORS 357.226-357.256
     Powers ORS 357.261
     Finances ORS 357.266-357.276
     Miscellaneous ORS 357.281-357.286

Interstate Library Compact

ORS 357.330-357.370
Public Libraries ORS 357.400-357.621
     Generally ORS 357.400-357.410
     Formation ORS 357.417
     Finances ORS 357.430-357.460
     Governing Boards ORS 357.465-357.490
     Miscellaneous ORS 357.520-357.621
Ready to Read Grants ORS 357.740-357.780
Detaining Library Property ORS 357.975-357.990