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Library Laws of Oregon

Library Laws of Oregon is a selective compilation of the laws, rules, and legal issues directly affecting libraries in the state.

Other Library-Related Statutes

     Property Tax Exemption for Public Libraries ORS 307.160
     Community College Districts Tax  Limits ORS 310.156
     State Aid for Community College Districts ORS 341.660
State Library  
     State Legislature Publications ORS 171.206
     State Librarian and Economic Interest ORS 244.050
Intellectual Freedom  
     Freedom of Speech and Press Constitution, Art. 1, Sec. 8
     Child Pornography ORS 163.665-163.693
     Sound and Video Recordings ORS 164.864-164.875
     Obscenity ORS 167.060-167.100
Public Records  
     Library Records Exempt from Disclosure ORS 192.355 (23)
     Budget and Tax Reports to libraries ORS 291.218
     County and Municipal Financial Reports ORS 294.250
     Hazardous Substance Reports ORS 453.342
Law Libraries  
     Generally ORS 009.760-009.829
     Administration ORS 008.125
     Connecting Oregon Communities Fund ORS 759.445
School Libraries & Educational Media  
     "Instruction" Defined ORS 342.120