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Library Laws of Oregon

Library Laws of Oregon is a selective compilation of the laws, rules, and legal issues directly affecting libraries in the state.

Special Districts (ORS Chapter 198)

Generally ORS 198
Dissolution of Inactive Districts ORS 198.335-198.365
Recall of Districts Officers ORS 198.410-198.440
Ordinances and Regulations ORS 198.510-198.600
Miscellaneous ORS 198.605-198.611
Creating or Altering Districts ORS 198.705-198.955
     Generally ORS 198.705-198.794
     Formation ORS 198.795-198.845
     Annexation ORS 198.850-198.869
     Withdrawal ORS 198.870-198.882
     Merger and Consolidation ORS 198.885-198.915
     Dissolution ORS 198.920-198.955