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Library Laws of Oregon

Library Laws of Oregon is a selective compilation of the laws, rules, and legal issues directly affecting libraries in the state.

Related Oregon Laws

Financing Local Improvements ORS 223.205-223.295
Local Governments and Districts Borrowing ORS 287A
Facilities Financing ORS 289.005-289.250
Boundary Commissions ORS 199.410-199.534
Community Learning Centers  
Learning Centers ORS 329.156-329.157
Community Schools ORS 336.505-336.525
Conflicts of Interest (Governing Boards)  
Generally ORS 244.010-244.047
Local Governments and Districts ORS 244.160-244.179
Historical Societies ORS 358.015-358.230
Literacy, Adult ORS 344.760-344.770
Museums ORS 358.310-358.440
Nonprofit Organizations (Friends Groups and Foundations)  
Generally ORS 065.001-065.674
Records and Reports ORS 065.771-065.787
Poet Laureate ORS 357.925
Public Meetings ORS 192.610-192.695
Public Notice ORS 193.010-193.360
Public Records and Reports ORS 192.001-192.517 
State Archivist  
Generally ORS 357.805-357.895
Archiving of Public Records ORS 192.005-192.170

Federal and Other Legal Resources

In addition to state and local laws, libraries are also affected by several high-profile federal laws such as the USA PATRIOT Act and CIPA. On this page, we have tried to compile resources to help you understand these laws and the other pressures facing libraries.
In addition to including links to text and discussions of major federal legislation, we have also included some websites that generally discuss library law or legal issues pertaining to libraries, such as copyright law.

Federal Laws

The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) - Resources from ALA

CPPA, COPA, CIPA: Which is Which? - A summary from ALA

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) - Summary from U.S. Department of Education and text of law

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) - Resources from ALA

Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) - Resources from ALA and text of law

USA Patriot Act - Resources from ALA

Legal Resources for Libraries

ALA Washington Office

Issue Briefs and Reports - Association of American Law Libraries

ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom

Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse - State Library of Oregon

Library Law Blog

Privacy, Security, and Civil Liberties - Association of Research Libraries