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Library Laws of Oregon

Library Laws of Oregon is a selective compilation of the laws, rules, and legal issues directly affecting libraries in the state.

Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR)

The Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) are the rules by which state agencies and subunits operate.  They are the strategies that agencies use to carry out the goals established by the Oregon Revised Statutes.  Unlike the ORS, OAR are not officially adopted by the Legislative Assembly.

This site links to the current OAR as published on the Secretary of State's web site

The text of  laws linked to from this site is for reference purposes only and should not be considered the official text of Oregon law.

Oregon State Library (OAR Chapter 543)  
Administration, Rules, and Procedures OAR 543.010
Government Information Services OAR 543.020
Official Recognition of Public Libraries (includes minimum conditions) OAR 543.010.036
Ready to Read Grants OAR 543.040
Statewide Database Licensing OAR 543.060
State Documents Depository Program OAR 543.070
Library Records  
General Description and Definitions OAR 166.005
County and District Libraries OAR 166.150.0140
City Libraries OAR 166.200.0280
School Libraries OAR 166.400.0035
Community College Libraries OAR 166.450.0080
University Libraries OAR 166.475.0085
Educational Media and Media Specialists  
Oregon Standard Education Definitions OAR 581.021.0200
K-12 Curriculum and Media Standards OAR 581.022
Teaching License Types OAR 584.210
Teaching Endorsements: Library Media OAR 584.220.0145
State Standards for Licensure: Library Media  OAR 584.420.0145
Public Records  
Navigability Studies OAR 141.121.0030
Hazardous Substance Information Survey OAR 837.085.0390
Telecommunications and Online Access OAR 125.400
State of Oregon Enterprise Network OAR 125.500