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Library Laws of Oregon

Library Laws of Oregon is a selective compilation of the laws, rules, and legal issues directly affecting libraries in the state.

Current Legislation

Library-related bills introduced in the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session
Bill number Bill Title Bill Summary Current Status
HB 2019 Education spending bill Proposed amendment creates Student Success Fund. Of the fund - 20% of the fund will go towards early education, including special education and the state's preschool programs; 30% will be earmarked for statewide initiatives, including universal free meals and bullying prevention measures; and the remaining 50% ($1B) will go directly to schools to be used to improve educational outcomes. These funds will be dispersed based on proposals schools submit. Access to trained, licensed school librarians is on the list for expanding student access and participation in well-rounded learning experiences. See measure history
HB 2173A Creates the Oregon Broadband Office Creates Oregon Broadband Office within Oregon Business Development Department. Repeals sunset on Oregon Broadband Advisory Council. Adds member to council. Broadens duties of council to include recommending public policy and solutions to address state’s broadband needs and goals. Directs council to champion statewide access to broadband services. See measure history
HB 2184A Cell phone surcharge/ Broadband bill Expands definition of “retail telecommunications service” for purposes of universal service surcharge. Authorizes Public Utility Commission to subject sale of communications and broadband services other than retail telecommunication services to universal service surcharge. Directs commission to transfer moneys deposited in universal service fund that are to be used for encouraging broadband service availability to Broadband Fund. Establishes Broadband Fund. Continuously appropriates moneys in Broadband Fund to Oregon Business Development Department to provide grants and loans under program for assisting qualified entities with projects for development of open access broadband service. Directs department to adopt program for providing grants and loans by rule. See measure history
HB 2213A Text book affordability Requires each community college and public university to ensure that course description for every academic course offered in succeeding academic term lists all textbooks enrolled students are required to purchase. Creates limited exceptions. Requires each community college and public university to establish textbook affordability plan. States required elements of plan. Requires at least one student representative to be involved in developing plan. See measure history
HB 2214 Text book affordability Appropriates monies from General Fund to Higher Education Coordinating Commission for purpose of funding Oregon’s Open Educational Resources (OER) Program See measure history
HB 2243 Public Library Definition Defines “public library” as public facility providing free and equal access to library and information services for all residents of local government unit. Requires State Library Board to establish minimum conditions for public libraries that include financial support from public funds and regularly scheduled open hours and that take into account library’s service population. See measure history
HB 2247A Imagination Library Bill Directs Early Learning Division to develop, implement and administer Oregon Imagination Library Project to improve reading proficiency and high school graduation rates by providing enrolled children with age-appropriate book once each month. Establishes Oregon Imagination Library Account within Early Learning Division Fund for purposes of funding project. See measure history
HB 3263 Continuous Improvement Plans Directs State Board of Education, in consultation with State Library, to adopt standards for school library program and academic content standards for library and media studies. Prescribes required components of standards. No action taken, bill has died. Informational hearing on 4/24
SB 543 Children Special Service District Authorizes formation of children’s service districts. Authorizes children’s service districts to levy property taxes to fund programs that offer children’s services. Defines “children’s services” as services that support children’s total health and well-being provided outside of school hours to individuals not more than 18 years of age. Provides that, if action is filed claiming that revenue funding project is subject to compression under $5 per $1,000 of real market value cap for purposes of Ballot Measure 5 (1990) as revenue funding project constituting educational services, children’s service district shall discontinue project and shall use revenue for project that does not constitute educational services. See measure history
SB 858 County Law Libraries Allows any county governing body to enter into intergovernmental agreement with Judicial Department to provide law library services or enter into contract with law library association or corporation owning and maintaining law library convenient to courthouse for use by legal community Sponsors agree to interim subgoup (including OLA) for further review , bill has died
SB 5518A State Library Budget Appropriates monies from the general fund to the State Library See measure history